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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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At its core, BJJ focuses on grappling, close-contact control, submissions, and defense, making it distinct from striking disciplines.

Second, BJJ is famous for its submission techniques. These are moves that aim to make your opponent give up without hurting them badly. This approach underscores BJJ’s emphasis on safety, control, and respect for one’s opponent, ensuring a safe learning environment for all.

Lastly, BJJ uses leverage, technique, and mental strategy to win, not just brute strength. This means even if you’re not the biggest or strongest person, you can still be successful in BJJ. It’s a martial art that’s practical for self-defense, and it welcomes people of all sizes and abilities to learn and improve.

But BJJ is more than just techniques and workouts; it’s about the people you meet and the community you build. Here, you’ll find a supportive network of friends and mentors, all on their own paths to improvement but united in their journey. The camaraderie within our academy is unparalleled, providing a strong sense of belonging and a supportive environment for personal development.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Dive into the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with us. Whether you’re looking to empower yourself with self-defense skills, seeking a new fitness challenge, or eager to join a vibrant community, BJJ has something for you. Join us for a trial class, visit our academy, or reach out to learn more. Discover how BJJ can change your life, not just on the mats, but off them too. Welcome to the family.

What Makes Jiu Jitsu Great

  • Jiu Jitsu can be a challenging and rewarding activity that requires discipline, focus, and perseverance. Many people find that training Jiu Jitsu helps them develop these qualities and can lead to personal growth and self-improvement.
  • Training against an actively resisting opponent is the only way to truly develop the skills and confidence you need to defend yourself. Jiu Jitsu offers you a way to experience that resistance safely over and over again until you become far stronger than you ever were before.
  • No workout is ever the same. Every day, you will have a different experience on the mat, and your skill and physical fitness will grow as a result.


Covert Mission Deep into Side Control Escape Territory


We’re passionate about sharing the greatness of Jiu Jitsu with everyone. That’s why we offer beginner programs designed to make learning fun and easy. Join our foundation classes to grasp the art’s essentials in a friendly and exciting atmosphere. Here, you’ll discover the key movements and concepts that form the heart of Jiu Jitsu.

Women's Only

Jiu Jitsu is a journey for everyone, but we know it’s not always easy being the only woman in class. That’s why we’ve created this program. Its goal is to make learning Jiu Jitsu more accessible, comfortable, and enjoyable for women. Join us to experience the art in a supportive and welcoming environment tailored to your needs.

All Levels

Ready to take your Jiu Jitsu skills to the next level? In this class, We move beyond the basics learned in Foundations. We’ll introduce new drilling methods and dive into a wider range of techniques. It’s all about practical application and real-world experience.
  • Physical Fitness: Jiu Jitsu provides a full-body workout that improves overall fitness, including strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health.

  • Self-Defense Skills: It equips you with effective self-defense techniques, emphasizing control over an opponent through leverage and technique rather than brute strength.

  • Mental Toughness: Practicing Jiu Jitsu enhances mental resilience and problem-solving skills, as it requires strategic thinking and quick decision-making.

  • Stress Relief: The physical exertion involved in Jiu Jitsu is an excellent way to relieve stress and channel energy positively.

  • Fun and Enjoyment: Beyond all its physical and mental benefits, Jiu Jitsu is an enjoyable activity that many find deeply rewarding and engaging.


Kenneth Brown

Head Instructor

2nd Degree BJJ Black Belt

The head instructor, Kenneth Brown

Kenneth received his black belt in 2013 from Mike Moses, who runs Evolve Academy in Gaithersburg. And it was at that academy that he started teaching when he was a purple belt. Since then, he has been passionate about the both science and art of making Jiu Jitsu make sense. In fact, even now, he is constantly evaluating his own methodology and making improvements where possible. It is that drive that motivated him to teach full time.

Matthew Weinberg

BJJ Instructor

BJJ Black Belt

Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing Instructor - Matthew Weinberg

Matthew began training Jiu Jitsu in 2002, and throughout the years, he has competed in tournaments gaining experience as both a competitor and a coach. In 2014 Matt began training with Kenneth Brown and in 2022 he had the distinction of being the first person to earn their Black Belt in BJJ from Kenneth. Matt is committed to helping others discover their own passion for martial arts and the personal growth that accompanies it. As an outspoken advocate for the physical and mental benefits of martial arts, Matt has happily given seminars to groups of all sizes, ages and skill levels. Matt works tirelessly to help create an inclusive community that supports its members and helps them grow as martial artists and individuals.

Becca Niburg

Women's Program Instructor

BJJ Brown Belt

Jiu Jitsu Instructor - Becca Niburg

Becca received her brown belt in 2023. She started training in Brazilian jujitsu for self defense after feeling threatened by a romantic partner. When she started in 2015, she was often the only woman in class and wanted to make sure that other women had a different experience. She came to 2nd Gear to start the women’s program as a blue belt. Her teaching includes her background in trauma and mental health to make sure the class is inclusive and that every woman feels supported regardless of her reasons to join the program or goals in training. In addition to her role at 2nd Gear, she runs a yearly fundraiser within the community to raise awareness and money for suicide prevention.

My 7 year old just started at 2nd gear and has really enjoyed classes. Everyone, instructors and the other kids, have been super welcoming and supportive and have allowed him to build confidence as he learns.
I was in the area for a few days and dropped in to 2nd Gear. Kenneth was a great host and I can tell he is teaching high level jiu jitsu and fostering a positive environment for people to learn. Everyone at the gym was nice and very welcoming.
2nd Gear BJJ offers people of all size, age range, and skill level a safe and professional training environment with a relaxed atmosphere. Coach Kenneth Brown brings a high-level technical approach to teaching based on his many years of successful competition while managing to break down complex concepts into bite sized pieces. His commitment to personal growth transfers well to the students who study under him as he is constantly improving upon not just his skillset, but his effectiveness in coaching. It is this concept of continuous improvement that keeps us all growing and becoming better versions of ourselves. I also know I'm not alone in having had the opportunity to meet some amazing people who have become lifelong friends. If you're reading this, I look forward to seeing you on the mats and sharing a story or 2. OSS!
I am so blessed for my boys to be part of this community! We have been doing Jiujitsu for ten years, three of them were with 2nd gear! So basically this review came little bit late 😊.Before joining them, I knew exactly what I was looking for and it took us around 3 months going for free trials in almost all the area of Columbia/ Baltimore and its surroundings. And it was a mess in almost all of them. I was told by one of the very famous gyms we want the boys and we will offer you an exceptional discount! At the end we decided on 2nd gear!What brought us first, was the kind of training provided by the coach at the time and the discipline he brought to the mat. Until we found that we landed on a real hidden gem. Watching different coaches in Competitions and how other coaches yells and gets furious on loss or even sometimes gives the player extra self confidence that they don't deserve, that causes harm rather than good. All this proved to me that Coach Ken deserves the word "Coach" and I feel safe my boys looking up for him as a role model!This kind of mentality and approach is very obvious in the gym. In 2nd gear you will see people from a very different background and all of them are working together in harmony. There is no room for the stressful , overwhelming social life that is being pushed on the people in other gyms to come together . In 2nd gear, all relationships and feelings are original, true and honest!Training in 2nd gear brings top notch quality Jiujitsu to the mat with no fake showing off!I also want to mention that the gym has many coaches and each one is unique in a way, that I wish I can write each one a review if I could! There's so many ways to grow and nourish in this gym and it's not just only in Jiujitsu, but in all aspects of life.My only complaint, is that the gym is a little bit far away from me, especially with the traffic!
Visiting family in the area, so I dropped in for a 4pm nogi class. I was immediately greeted by the head coach. The coach and all the students were friendly and introductory. During the rolling there was no ego smashing or pretentious rolls. Everyone seemed technical, and paced themselves off their partner, which I really appreciate. Would train here again, highly recommended.
I would like to shout out to Coaches Becca and Tara who have encouraged me to grow in both BJJ skills and in my confidence to exercise them. They listen to you as a person and customize the training you need to what you bring to the mat. We all bring different life experiences, body types, strengths, underlying conditions and preconceived notions to the mat. I am happy to be in a very inclusive, welcoming and supportive team/family/community. I cannot thank you and the other ladies of 2nd Gear BJJ enough. I must add that I love that there is a system of rules and respect that develop a comradery among the members.
My boys started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at 2nd Gear in March 2022. Completely new to the sport. The support and training offered here as positively contributed to their physical, emotional and mental health. We have since relocated, but the mentorship and friendships developed will last them a lifetime.Physically, the boys became significantly stronger, less clumsy, a bit more aware of their bodies.Mentally, they found they had the ability to focus, learn and execute.Emotionally, they began learning that they can be resilient, strong and tough and still be happy and kind.This is safe place to fail, learn and come back stronger.Quick Boast: My sons have won multiple medals at local competition.☺️IRL: BJJ is great self-defenseThe coaches are great: Coach Griffin, the private lessons were pivotal, Coach K for welcoming us into your gym and the many invaluable lessons, Coach Pete and the rest of the coaching team. Thank youAreas of improvement: Communication. As a parent that was new to the gym and sport, there were some things I didn't understand, or I may have missed a message. Thankfully other parents were happy to fill in the gaps, and coaches provided details when asked. I like to plan, so for me, having some details well in advance is helpful.
It's a positive gym. People are very helpful and willing to teach you. They are mindful of your health. Whether you want to compete or just want to train, the environment is encouraging. Visitors are welcome!
This is home for BJJ training instructors are top notch 👌
Professor Kenneth Brown is one of the legends of jiu jitsu, but most importantly an amazing person to get to know and be around with. Coach Ken is the reason I spend most evenings at 2nd Gear Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, where everyone is welcome. The academy is fun, diverse, inclusive, with patient and caring coaches for the kids and teens, and highly skilled specialized instruction for adults. I highly recommend to come over to try out a class, just for the opportunity to experience coach Ken’s instruction and great training environment.
Ken Brown is the heart and soul of this awesome gym. You literally will not find a more technically advanced, highly developed grappling coach anywhere. Awesome vibes awesome people and independently owned. Cannot recommend highly enough, wether you’re just starting out, or a black belt ready to compete nationally
As a parent of a child that attends 2nd gear for the past three months, I am very pleased with the manner in which they conduct their classes. The one-hour classes are always one hour, starting on time, ending on time. That to me is a sign of respect. The coaches encourage and adequately push to students to learn and apply. The coaches are tough, yet caring. Both students and parents of students feel a sense of belonging to this Jiu Jitsu club. There's good sense of comradery between the students and between the parents.
i love this place i did boxing class here affordable prices, the staff was very friendly and welcoming ! It’s family oriented kids are welcomed while you practice so you don’t have to worry about finding a sitter while you come and practice come join ASAP thank me later !
Great instruction and great community!
I recommend 2nd Gear Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It is a good use of my precious free time. As a hobby, form of exercise, and social outlet, I’m always happen to have gone; haven't been disappointed yet. The club has a warm, welcoming, positive, fun environment. Instruction is consistently excellent - well thought out, based on experience, and taught with enthusiasm. Enough training partners come so that I can find someone to help me get better.
The coaches and students are great! The head coach is very nice guy so I recommend the gym.
Coaches are excellent! Very patient with kids. Great environment to learn!
On September 26 2018 I walked in to 2nd Gear Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for a free trial class. Close to 17 months later I was awarded a blue belt. Although I knew I was being evaluated and was expecting the promotion to happen sometime soon, the actual moment it occurred was very emotional for me. In my life I have received several recognitions for scientific achievements, but never for anything related to physical activity, so this is a milestone I will never forget.I owe everything to Professor Kenneth Brown who has been a wonderful mentor and coach. Professor Brown has managed to coach a clumsy uncoordinated 53-year old person like me and make him stick to the sport, this is not a trivial task. It is much harder than teaching to an athletic, talented, 18 year old. It is because of the training environment he has cultivated at 2ndgear that I have had the mental determination to show up to the academy and train almost every day, whether it has been an intense day at work and I am tired, whether my back, ribs, groin, ankles or other body parts are injured, whether I am doing well or feel frustrated with my progress, whether I notice all these younger people pick up new skills so much faster than me,… I just show up to practice, that’s all there is to do in order to eventually progress. Thank you Kenny for being such a great mentor, coach and amazing person, thank you Prof. Sundar Bjj, Prof. David Adams, Prof. Alex Dugas, and coach Matt Weinberg for the instruction at 2ndgear. I am especially grateful to all my fellow academy members who have been my training partners and have spent endless hours drilling and rolling with me!
Response from the owner: Awesome. Thanks for the kind words. You have been a wonderful addition to the team.
Great atmosphere, great people, great learning environment. I highly recommend to anyone who is interested in learning or developing Jiu Jitsu skills.
I have been training BJJ for over a decade now across several academies in several states and I judge Coach Kenneth Brown among the best instructors I have worked with. His approach to BJJ is not one of dogma but rather of experimentation, micro adjustments and adaption to each student individually. The best instructors recognize that BJJ is more than physical movement but rather an expression of the student who practices it, and each student is encouraged to find there most efficient, effective style that compliments there build, temperament, and athleticism. Since beginning at 2nd Gear I have had a bit of a BJJ renaissance and feel I am back on the road to ever increasing skill. I highly recommend 2nd Gear to both the beginner just starting there BJJ journey; but also to anyone who has left the art due to injury or a loss of passion. You will find a new home and a new start at 2nd Gear BJJ.
Response from the owner: Awesome! Thanks for the vote of confidence.
While I only trained there for a short time (had to stop because of a medical issue), while I was there it was a blast. Kenny is a genius and his approach to jiu jitsu makes it fun to learn. The community of people that train with him are great to. Everyone wants to help and egos are checked at the door. 100% recommended
Response from the owner: Thanks! Hope to see you back on the mat one day.
Without a doubt one of the best gyms you could ever train at. Kenneth Brown is one of the many beautiful minds in this special game. It has been and honor and a privilege to learn from him and his gym. I owe a great deal of my success to him and this gym that he has built and I couldn’t imagine training anywhere else. I love the coaches, i love the people, and i love jiu jitsu. Thank you 2nd Gear BJJ!
Response from the owner: Thanks!
Good place to learn bjj friendly atmosphere
If you're contemplating starting a lifelong martial arts journey there is no better place to do so then at 2nd Gear BJJ. Professor Kenneth Browns knowledge of the art of jiu jitsu is deep and his application has been tested and proven as he is an avid competitor with multiple gold medals and championships under his belt. Most important is his method of instruction is concise and easy to grasp. He has cultivated a learning environment that will meet the needs of students from all walks of life. Beginners, veterans of the art, competitors,fitness/self defense enthusiasts, male/female, kids, etc will find a place at 2nd Gear. Come on down and join the fun
Response from the owner: Awesome. Thanks for the kind words.
Take the plunge. Bow and step on the mats. Shift it into 2nd Gear. Sure you may learn self-defense but did you expect to make friends in a welcoming environment?
Response from the owner: Awesome. Thanks for the kind words.
Amazing group oo instructors with the comfort of family. Every instructor and student have given nothing but respect and knowledge each day. A great community to learn and develop new skills.
Response from the owner: Awesome. Thanks for the kind words. We look forward to your return. Training hasn’t quite been the same without you.
i cant put into words how lead coach ken genuinely cares about people.Their is no arrogance,no ego. if he doesnt know something he will say"he doesnt know".He always,always ,always puts safety first.if you are looking for a first time jiu jitsu experience .Please look no further.the monthly rate is beyond reasonable. The facility is CLEAN!!!!! We also have a wonderful children's program. compassionate coaches.What are you waiting for?????
Fantastic BJJ academy. Great instructor who pays attention to details, provides more than just techniques, but mechanical concepts as well, and motivates the students to do their best. Combined with solid training partners and lots of time slots for classes, makes 2nd Gear exactly what I look for in a school.
Response from the owner: Awesome. Thanks for the kind words.
Top notch jujitsu academy and a great place to hone your skills or learn something new on all levels.
Response from the owner: Awesome. Thanks for the kind words.
2nd Gear is a fantastic place to train. I have been doing BJJ for a long time on and off again. However I have never progressed as quickly or learned as much in such a short amount of time as I have these past four months because of Kenneth Brown's instruction and the people at 2nd Gear as a whole. Kenny is an amazing instructor who is very passionate about BJJ and always grounded in having the right mindset and focus to improve, learn, and master the art with the greatest possible amount of efficacy. He is simultaneously very laid back in a lot of ways and cares a lot about his students. He also views every obstacle, mistake, or failure as an opportunity to improve and problem solve. Whether you are brand new to BJJ or are looking for a place to push yourself and drastically improve and diversify your game , 2nd gear will definitely provide you with everything you need!
Response from the owner: Awesome. Thanks for the kind words. Can’t wait until you get back from Japan. Look forward to seeing what you’ve learned while abroad.
So Far i have not experienced any egos. My coach is very detailed and loves to teach. And most importantly I experience no cursing nor fowl music. it means a lot to me to know i can train at a place with good people in an atmosphere of morality.
Response from the owner: Awesome. Thanks for the kind words. It’s great having you on the team.
Super welcoming atmosphere, great instructor and positive vibes. They also do a good job of keeping the mats clean which is always appreciated.
Response from the owner: Awesome. Thanks for the kind words. Feel free to step in the next time you’re in the area.
2nd Gear is the premier jui jitsu school in the laurel/beltsville/burtonsvile area. Very high level instruction is provided with a safe and friendly training environment.
Response from the owner: Awesome. Thanks for the kind words. Looking forward to seeing you on the mats again.
Brazilian jiu jitsu, like many martial arts, has naturally evolved throughout the years from constant experimentation and adaptation. Kenneth Brown continues to explore this evolution further and willingly spreads his learned knowledge to his students.He is consistently drawing the analogy between Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and chess by stressing the adaptation of your strategy to the movements of your opponent. He shows students a better understanding of why certain techniques work and when to use them. He doesn't just focus on the physical aspect and ensures an emphasis on the intellectual angle of the martial art.You will quickly see that Kenneth Brown is an excellent and enthusiastic instructor who explores the art more in-depth than any other instructors you'll meet and ultimately makes you appreciate the martial art even more.
Response from the owner: Awesome. Thanks for the kind words. You were one of our earliest students, and we appreciate that you’ve stuck with us all this time.
I just joined and signed my son up as well. They are teaching him to protect, discipline himself and be respectful and helpful to others.The instruc­tors are incred­i­ble, they're very good with chil­dren and truly care about them. They're very wel­com­ing to both new and exist­ing stu­dents. They conscientiously work to develop us phys­i­cally and men­tally. I highly rec­om­mend this school for any­one interested in Martial Arts 🥋.
Response from the owner: Awesome. Thanks for the kind words. You’ve been missed in the academy, and I hope that you’re still training.
I've known coach Ken for a few years and is one of the best BJJ teachers in the area. If you're new to the art, have experience, or looking to get in shape you owe it to yourself to check out 2nd Gear BJJ!!!
Response from the owner: Awesome. Thanks for the kind words.
Kenneth Brown is one of the best BJJ instructors I've had the privilege to train with in my fourteen year, and counting, BJJ journey. As an active competitor, he is constantly learning and expanding his knowledge of the art, which he in turn passes on to his students in an easy to understand manner. Regardless of whether or not you are a brand new practitioner of the art looking for personal development, or a seasoned competitor aspiring to achieve greatness, Kenneth will take the time to break down the techniques and ensure that you achieve your goals in a friendly, welcoming and safe environment at 2nd Gear Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
2nd Gear Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a great place to train. The instruction is some of the best you will find around. Whatever your goals are in Jiu Jitsu you will be encouraged and assisted in reaching them.
Response from the owner: Awesome. Thanks for the kind words.
I've known Coach Kenny for almost a decade, his knowledge of the art and experience is unparalleled. Any student that gets to work with him consistently is bound to see rapid progress in their conceptual, technical understanding, as well as personal growth.
Response from the owner: Awesome. Thanks for the kind words.
An excellent place to learn Brazilian Jiujitsu. The curriculum is well thought out and beginners aren't thrown in to sink or swim like many schools are known to do. An emphasis is put on ensuring new students truly understand the fundamentals. Experienced students seeking to take their game to the next level will benefit learning from Kenneth Brown, a highly respected black belt in the BJJ community. Friendly school with an excellent instructor.
Response from the owner: Awesome. Thanks for the kind words.
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