The terror of the three unholy amigos

Man, they never roam alone.

When you see one, the other two are often lurking nearby. But many forget that crucial lesson to their own peril. Hell, I’ve even been guilty myself.

Sometimes you just get tunnel vision.

The threat in front of you consumes all your attention.

But the unholy trio fly together like a pack of mighty ducks. When one attacks, the others always wait in the wings, ever ready to stab you in the back.

Yes, their viciousness knows no bounds, and they don’t play fair.

They tend to strike when you least expect it, one after the other. And many have fallen to their unrelenting onslaught. Hell, I wouldn’t even be surprised if their kill count exceeds 9000.

So if you see the armbar, triangle or omoplata, be cautious. They never roam alone. If you don’t fall to the armbar, a triangle or omoplata will almost immediately head your way. And the same is true for the other attacks, that’s what makes them so lethal.

The combination.

Avoid them.

Or better yet, figure out a way to hire them to do your dirty work.

Just know that one of them alone will never be as strong as all three together.

‘Tis why our focus for the week will be on bringing the three unholy amigos under control. Not only will we be exploring that topic in the fundamentals class as part of our bottom closed guard week from the offensive side, but we’ll also be attacking the defensive side as well in other classes.

There’s no way that you’ll walk away without a better understanding how to use their threat for your own purposes and how to avoid the danger they represent when others want to use them against you.

Alas though, you’d actually have to show up to learn.